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The Canadian Pacific M & O Subdivision was one of several rail lines between Ottawa and Montreal. It was abandoned between M & O Junction and Rigaud, Quebec on August 9, 1986 (source: Significant Dates in Ottawa railway history).

Blackburn Station (Anderson Road)

The CP's M & O Sub crossed Anderson Road at a location known as Blackburn Station (45º25'N, 75º34'W), as the station here served the town of Blackburn (which later grew into Blackburn Hamlet), which is some distance away. I actually have vague memories of being stopped at the Anderson Road crossing as a child. That crossing has the claim to fame here as the first location I purposely visited in order to take aerial photos, as opposed to just shooting what was convenient where I was flying. Several years ago I flew a Slow Stick here with an 1.5 MegaPixel fixed-focus camera. The shots are very poor compared to the quality I'm getting now, but I've included some here for completeness' sake.

Blackburn Station

Fig 1 - Blackburn Station

Figure 1 is a Google Earth view of the crossing, which is indicated by the red arrow. The green "X" is approximately the flight location I used.

The following were photos taken by the Slow Stick in April and October of 2004. The camera was a Mustek GSmart Mini 3, a 1.5 MP fixed-focus camera. My apologies for the poor quality of these photos. The camera was a piece of junk, the plane was a piece of junk, and the pilot was pretty hopeless too, at the time. :)

I intend to get back there with the Cat's Eye some time and take some better pictures.


Bourget, ON (45º26'N, 75º10'W) also had a station on the M&O sub. I believe it is still in place as shown in the Google Earth screenshot below.

Bourget, ON

I believe we photographed the station years ago from the road. It may be private property, but it appears that the ROW is still passible and it may be possible to launch the Cat's Eye from it, possibly near the low buildings to the left (whatever they are). Definitely worth a scouting mission at any rate.