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Power Meters/Analyzers

A "power meter" (which actually measures a lot more than just power) is a basic "must have" piece of equipment for electrically powered flight. A few years ago when I became convinced (after an inexplicably long time) of the necessity of owning one, I compiled this list of candidates. The list dates from July 2005, so of course much has changed since then, and I make no pretense that the list is exhaustive or even accurate. I have updated the prices as of Aug 7, 2007 based on the price quoted on the manufacturer's web site, with the exception of the Hyperion Emeter (as noted below).

The List

  1. Astro Flight 100 - Micro Meter - US$54.95 (appears not to be sold anymore)
  2. Astro Flight 101 - Super Whattmeter - US$54.95 (without connectors)
    Note: if the hyperlinks don't work, go to the Astro Flight main page and click on "Meters."
  3. "Watt's Up" RC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer - US$59.95
  4. Watt-Age DCM Direct Current Meter - US$43.99
  5. Medusa Research - Power Analyzer II - US$59.95 up (depending on accessories)
  6. Medusa Research - Power Analyzer Pro - US$99.95 (basic) to US$189.95 (deluxe)
  7. Hyperion Emeter - $89.95
    Note: they don't seem to have their own web site, the link above is to Air Craft, who have quite a lot of information. Also, according to this site, "the Emeter is currently out of production. A new model is being developed, with extra features, and is now not expected until later in 2008."